RevenueHits Review - Highest Paying CPA Ad Network

RevenueHits Review – Highest Paying CPA Ad Network


Though the Adsense was the one and only option for publishing globalized internet advertises, recently some of the other ad networks has been evolved which make the way of website monetizing more convenient than the previous time. Any publisher can achieve more ROI than the previous time by choosing the perfect ad network from multiple available options.



The RevenueHits is one of those reputed ad networks which has own self service platform which has enough capability to monetize as well as optimize your profile. Being completely owned as well as operated by the Intango, the RevenueHits was founded by a group of experience online marketers, tech professional and finance experts in 2008. Being an Israel based ad network, the RevenueHits has some remarkable advantages which may attract any publishers to advertise under this ad network.


Targeting and Supported Platforms

RevenueHits allows publishers to maximize revenues with state of the art Contextual & Geo targeted Ad Serving. Their innovative Performance Base (CPA) Ad Network was developed to help publishers to make money via websites, assets, toolbars, search, widgets, IM applications and more.

Its technology allows them to scan millions of ads and analyze performance over time. Huge inventory of ads is comprised of effective display and text ads that promotes performance-base offers.

Interesting thing about RevenueHits is, it is the only Performance Base (CPA) Ad Network that was developed by and for publishers. RevenueHits ad serving technology serves more than 2 billion impressions per day, thousands of publishers, across the world.

RevenueHits - Review

RevenueHits Review

Features of RevenueHits: 

  • Apart from being a simple ad network, the RevenueHits has different kinds of amazing offers which are responsible for the increase of publisher’s earning. The offered which are generally offers by this ad network include CPA, CPI, CPL and CPM etc. This ad network gained more than 5K advertisers across the universe due to the presence of the Self Service for Advertiser Platform (SSA).
  • The smart optimization technique of this ad network helps to sort out the most relevant offers for your traffic in an ease.
  • Premium referring can easily be done as this ad network occupies many reputed publishers.
  • Having experience over growing clientele, the experience team can perform the job smoothly without making any problem to you.


Ad Types & Benefits by RevenueHits: 

  • Just you have to enter the name as well as the URL of your website which you want to advertise. Then you have to select the perfect placement for the ad from the various available options such as Banners, Pop Unders, Sliders, Shadow Boxes, 158*21 Buttons, Footers, Mobile Dialog, Mobile Notifier etc.
  • By getting 2 billion impression per day, this ad network ensures that you will surely achieve 100% fill rate everyday.
  • Presence of numerous verticals which include Dating, Mobile, Shopping, Coupons, Travel, Entertainment, Gaming, Software, Lead Gen etc.
  • Monetizing of the publisher’s online property is perfectly done by the audience targeting strategies.


Getting Started With RevenueHits: 

Joining with this ad network is very much easy. You have to just sign up as a publisher by clicking on the proper link on their official website. Just get registered and pass through their instant approval system by entering your business category, website name etc. properly. The user friendly dashboard of this ad network will surely allows you to track all your advertisements in a single page and provides you sufficient scope to take necessary action when required.


Payment Terms of The RevenueHits: :

Having net 30 basis payment frequency, this ad network offers different types of payment method which include PayPal, Payoneer or Wire transfer too. The minimum pay out amount of $20 will surely make you worry free always. The professional customer support team of this ad network is always ready to help you in every possible ways.

Hope this Revenuehits review will be helpful for both advertisers and publishers. In case you have already used this network, please share your experience with us in the comment section given below.

Monetization Platforms

Websites, Apps

AdNetwork Type


Targeting Method

Contextual, Geographic, Site-Specific

Ad Formats

Floating Ads, In-Text Ads, Pop up/Pop under, Standard Banners, Video Ads, Custom Ads, Link ads

Publisher Requirments

Not Specified

Not Allowed

Not Allowed

Payment Imformation

Net 30


PayPal, Payza, Wire transfers

Advertisment Vertical

Arts, Entertainment, Automotive, Business, Careers, Education, Family, Food and Drink, Gambling, Gaming, Health and Fitness, Internet, Legal, Government and Politics, News, Pets, Religion and Spirituality, Shopping, Sports, Style and Fashion, Technology and Computing, Travel

Referral Program

$100 for each referral (if referred one earned $100)

CPM / CPC / CPV Information

High CPM, Depend upon performance.

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