PopAdUp Review - POP DSP Platform

PopAdUp Review – POP DSP Platform



PopAdup is an ad network which focus on Results, Conversion and ROI. It offers real-time advertising trading platform for audience traffic and Pop. PopAdup is known for delivering maximum exposure to its advertisers. It uses combination of advanced optimization technology and industry experience to provide customers with digital advertising solutions that deliver fair results.

PopAdup provides flexible approach to campaign settings which allows you to drive targeted audience that meets your advertising goals. To achieve this just insert your target values into corresponding fields at the time of filling a campaign form and you will get refined traffic that actually matches your objectives.

Support ad formats: Popunder, Interstitial, Time on Site & Page Views, Native Ads, Popup

Who Use PopAdup?

PopAdup users can be categorize to 3 types:

  • advertisers that require real human traffic for their websites
  • advertisers looking for quality traffic and conversion
  • advertisers those need user’s engagement with their website like page views, time on site and actions.

Advertising join with Integral Ad Science which is known as leading experts in delivery of traffic quality.

PopAdup also provides real time filtering by MOAT, Forensiq and you are also free to use their own proprietary filtering tool Norma.

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116 w 23rd st

Monetization Platforms


AdNetwork Type


Targeting Method

Behavioral, Contextual, Demographic, Geographic, Purchase-based

Ad Formats

Pop up/Pop under, Standard Banners, Native Ads, Mobile Banners

Publisher Requirments

Not Specified

Not Allowed


Advertiser Requirment


Not Allowed


Payment Imformation



PayPal, Wire transfers

Advertisment Vertical

Adult, Arts, Entertainment, Automotive, Business, Careers, Education, Family, Food and Drink, Gambling, Gaming, Health and Fitness, Internet, Legal, Government and Politics, News, Pets, Religion and Spirituality, Shopping, Sports, Style and Fashion, Technology and Computing, Travel

CPM / CPC / CPV Information

CPM - $0.1 CPC, CPV - $0.001

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