Free Online Tools To Check Website Against Adsense And Webmaster Guidelines

Free Online Tools To Check Website Against Adsense And Webmaster Guidelines

Getting Google adsense account is a dream for bloggers to get paid for their effort. In our last post we discussed about the reasons why Google is rejecting Adsense applications and tips to avoid those mistakes.



I also recommend going through the webmaster guidelines as well as adsense guidelines. Understanding these Google policies is not only beneficial to get n Adsence account, If you really able to comply with all the policies then you will be able to get real and organic traffic from search engines. In such case your website visits also get improved and you must know the fact that traffic is the only key to get a decent income via any of advertising system.


Have you tried to read and understand the Google policies for getting approved with an adsense account? If you tried to do so you may feed it difficult to match each and every guideline with your blog which includes your page loading speed, quality of content, organic traffic, uniqueness of content, Value of content and much more.


Are you thinking for online tools to check the quality of your site? Is there any such tool? The answer is, yes. These tools are really helpful to perform audit of your site against Google policies. Not 100% but these tools are able to help you up to some level. Let’s have a brief Idea about these tools:


Online Tools To Check Website for Adsense Approval


Google Page Speed Test

Page Speed tool calculates the execution and performance of a page for both cell phones and desktop systems. It gets the url twice, once with a mobile client operator, and once with desktop-client executor.

gogole seo

The result of the Pagespeed Score ranges from 0 to 100. Higher score is a positive sign for your site and a score of 85 or above shows that the page is performing great. This tool is helpful for audit of your website for its execution time.


Varvy (Feedthebot)

Feedthebot is my best choice for the site audit. It provides the detailed report of your site which includes the site speed, alt tag in images, robot.txt verification, sitemap page and XML file verification and much more.

varvy seo


The best thing about this site is that it provides solution suggestions for each of the objections made in the audit. This website also offers a set of tools to get different report and value for your site.


Nibbler Website Audit

Nibbler is a completely free online tool for testing sites. It asks to enter the URL location of any site and Nibbler will examine and provide for you a report scoring the site out of 10 for key zones, including availability, social networking, SEO, and technology. Nibbler is quick and totally free.


They likewise offer a tweaked version of Nibbler. This is suitable for associations needing to test a great many sites, rapidly, on interest.


In the event that the Nibbler report of a site has as of now been filed by a web crawler, it is taking eventually before the web engine updates its files to reflect the report being evacuated. The report may even now show up in web crawler results for a brief time after it has been evacuated.


There are many other tools are available to check the site against guidelines. But these are the most valuable to do so. If you have any other better solution please shares with us in the comment section. So

It was the brief idea about the site examination. To get more updates on this stay tuned with pulpybucket. If you want to add something to this please feel free to comment.


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