Clicksor Review

Clicksor Review



Clicksor is basically a contextual online advertising solution network and a part of the YesUP Company. It is a Canadian ad network and it focuses on medium traffic publishers having traffic from Canada, UK and also from US.

As per the traffic requirement of clicksor mentioned on their appoval process, publisher must have 50,000 pageviews per month. Clicksor has also mentioned that 50% of your blog traffic should be from US other vise it will result into account suspension. I dont think they follow the second condition strictly.

 To give you a brief idea in case that you don’t know about Contexual Ads, In contextual ads advertisers extracts meta keywords from your webpages and returns the ads according to those keywords.

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565 Gordon Baker Road, Toronto ON M2H 2W2 Canada

Monetization Platforms

Websites, Apps

AdNetwork Type


Targeting Method

Contextual, Geographic


Ad Formats

Floating Ads, In-Image Ads, In-Text Ads, Pop up/Pop under, Standard Banners, Link ads

Publisher Requirments

More Than 50K





Payment Imformation

Net 15

$50, $75 for Wire

PayPal, Wire transfers, Check

Advertisment Vertical

Adult, Arts, Entertainment, Automotive, Business, Careers, Education, Family, Food and Drink, Gambling, Gaming, Health and Fitness, Internet, Legal, Government and Politics, News, Pets, Religion and Spirituality, Shopping, Sports, Style and Fashion, Technology and Computing, Travel

Referral Program

Earn 10% Commissions

CPM / CPC / CPV Information

For thxt Ads: $0.035 Per Click For Graphical / Rich Media Banners: $0.20 Per 1,000 Impressions Graphical Banners: $0.035 Per Click Pop-unders/ Interstitial Ads: $0.0025 Per Visitor ($2.5/1000 visits)

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